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elrtuxzZ (01/31/2015 19:23:15)
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Great Video!

Heidi Regier (05/24/2010 09:29:36)
This video, along with the others in the series (School Bus, Big Truck, Garbage Truck and Concrete Truck) have kept my boys busy for hours and hours. I have three boys, 3 and 5 and 6, and they all sit glued to the tv watching the different scenes over and over (don't worry, I do give them breaks!). The scenes are all fun and the boys can't get enough of the sounds, the dirt and the BIG TRUCKS. These videos were totally worth the money and I recommend them. The kids love to see how things are made and how things work. :-)

Educational and Engaging! My 4 year old watches it all the time!!

J. Clodfelter (05/20/2010 17:57:30)
My son is obsessed with garbage trucks!!!! He loves playing with his garbage truck toys and he loves watching the real ones work in the neighborhood. When I saw this dvd on Amazon I knew he would love it! With all the garbage truck "stuff" he has and everything he knows about garbage trucks- the one thing he hasn't learned yet is how the trucks are made. This video shows children the process of creating these high tech trucks from beginning to end while using language that is easily understood by younger viewers. My son loves watching this dvd and wants me to get him the rest of the videos in the "How'd They Build That" series. I would definitely recommend this to any parent with a child who loves not only garbage trucks, but loves to see how things are made and how things work.

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